Selling at auction

Anyone can include items in our auctions - we receive items from both private individuals and companies.

It is easy to sell goods at Campen Auktioner A/S. You simply deliver your items and we will get your contact and account information. You must make sure that the product is presentable and nicely arranged for a photo in the auction catalogue. The item must be manageable and ready to put into place, unless a clear agreement otherwise has been made.

Note that Campen Auktioner's personnel assess which auction a given item should be placed in. You cannot decide in advance on an auction without confirmation from Campen Auktioner's personnel.

We put the lot up for auction, and about 28 days after the auction's last extradition day you will receive the money and a complete inventory of your goods sold. In this payment we extract our sales fee - so you do not have to pay fees in advance.

In Randers we receive the goods every Tuesday and Thursday 09.00-15.00. 

Contact us for info on what it costs to sell your items.

Regarding the delivery of items:

All sellers are asked to write a note with a description and put it on each of their submitted lots. Remember that it will give the best sales price to have as complete a description in the catalogue as possible. You can create descriptions from home, or you can do it with us.

You can call 2271 5555 and get your seller number. If the number is put onto your items, this will shorten the processing time when delivering.

Any filling of petrol/diesel is invoiced to the seller, just as starting help and transport is at the seller's expense. The seller guarantees that the vehicle is free of debt.

We reserve the right to reject item that are not found to be suitable for auction.

We do not accept used furniture unless they are of a certain value or from a known designer. Used clothing, used tyres and old electrical appliances are not accepted either. Every pallet put up for auction should have a value of at least DKK 200. At physical auctions this must be at least DKK 500 kr. Please bear this in mind when you bring in items.

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