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For all our auctions we create marketing campaigns that fit the type of auction we will hold. We aim to hit the right audience and to get out in the relevant fields and media, so that your product is sold at the best price. Furthermore, we also rely of course on our large customer database. Through this we have the ability to directly address buyers from all kinds of businesses.

Press archive 24/06/2015: Bidders go crazy over a barn find plough from Overgaard Farm 23/06/2015: Bidders go crazy over a barn find plough 23/06/2015: Agricultural jewel sold at auction

Eilbote (Germany) 17/06/2015: Unusual farm equipment auction 11/06/2015: Moving company and auctions everything

Agriculture North 09/06/2015: Large machine auction 04/06/2015: Found many valuable machines at customers

Herlev Bladet 03/06/2015: Where there's muck there's brass - barn find hits the spot

Hadsund Folkeblad 02/06/2015: Huge auction of Scan-Agro lots 28/05/2015: Bought a house on foreclosure and found 38 classic cars in barn

TV2 Fyn + nationwide 25/05/2015: Found barn filled with old cars 13/05/2015: Now can an arse with ears be yours

Jyllands-Posten 12/05/2015: Controversial arse with ears can be yours

Youtube 11/05/2015: Campen Auktioner A/S visits artist Ole Frimand on Samsø

Politiken 09/05/2015: Car auction: Barn find can cause prices to go crazy

Politiken 09/05/2015: Photo series: Cars from a barn find under the hammer 09/05/2015: Idyllic and rare barn find turns up in South Funen

Crazy about cars 08/05/2015: Cars saved in barn sent to auction

Danish Vintage Motor Club 07/05/2015: Idyllic and rare barn find turns up in South Funen

Bilmagasinet 04/05/2015: How to bid for the big barn find from Fyn

TV2 East Jutland 30/03/2015: Cars under the hammer

Randers Amtsavis 30/03/2015: A wonderland for men 30/03/2015: Spring auction in Randers: Easter schnapps and more

Dagbladet Ringkøbing-Skjern 30/03/2015: A wonderland for men 26/03/2015: The Magic of Barnfinds 26/03/2015: The Magic of Barn finds 26/03/2015: The Magic of Barnfinds

Randers Amtsavis 25/03/2015: Special cars under the hammer 25/03/2015: See photos: Beautiful cars under the hammer

Hobro Avis 24/03/2015: Car collection at auction

Give Avis 24/03/2015: Cake king sells his car collection 20/03/2015: Special auction at Campen - Palm Sunday

Motor Magazine 20/03/2015: Cake king takes his cars to auction

Skive-her 19/03/2015: Cake king sells his car collection 18/03-2015: Cake king sells out - Vintage cars for millions

Randers Amtsavis 18/03/2015: Famous businessman sells out 18/03/2015: Cake king sells his car collection - but keeps the icing of the cake 17/03/2015: Biscuit king sells his unknown car collection 17/03/2015: Cake king puts his car collection up at auction 17/03/2015: Tycoon sells his dream cars 15/03/2015: Spangsberg's cars at the Campen auction in two weeks

Randers Amtsavis 14/03/2015: Car collector sells out 09/03/2015: Buy into spring - Classic auction in Randers Palm Sunday

BT 30/12/2014: Linse sold herself at auction

Randers Amtsavis 30/12/2014: Linse draws men to auction

Randers Onsdag 16/12/2014: Linse Kessler is big draw at auction for local businessman

Randers Amtsavis 16/12/2014: Linse takes a look at the Campen auction

Electronic Supply 27/10/2014: Buy Thrane & Thrane's old production equipment at auction

Nordjyske 26/10/2014: Special electronics from company at auction

Elektronik-online 24/10/2014: Thrane & Thrane production equipment to be sold at auction

Maritime Danmark 23/10/2014: Thrane and Thrane equipment at auction 23/10/2014: Auction at Thrane & Thrane

Børsen 11/04/2014: Now the baker is selling his car collection

Randers i dag 03/04/2014: Baker Busk selling his impressive car collection 14/04/2014: Birth of a spring classic

Randers Amtsavis 13/04/2014: Stardust at auction

Jaguar Club of Denmark: Baker Busk's cars to be sold on Sunday

Randers Amtsavis 11/04/2014: A bushy path to success

Motor Magazine 11/04/2014: Baker Busk disposes of his cars 25/03/2014 Clean out the stable with an online auction

Via Retro 25/03/2014: The baker is breaking up his cake

TV2 East Jutland 25/03/2014: Vintage cars at auction

TV Syd 20/06/2013: Hammer coming down on factory

Wood Supply 12/06/13: Large auction to empty window factory

Vejle Folkeblad 10/06/13: Giant 2-day auction

Dagbladet Ringkøbing-Skjern 01/05/2013: Finn Campen holds Online auction from Videbaek

TV2 East Jutland 21/03/2013: Guide with feature on hunter auction in Aarhus

TV2 East Jutland 28/12/2012: Feature from Construction & agricultural auction in Låsby

Midthimmerlands Folkeblad 13/06/2012: Open house at Jysk Caravan Centre

Lokalavisen Lemvig 29/05/2012: Keen interest in cars and scooters

TV2 East Jutland 29/12/2011: Companies selling out - reports from write-off auction

Folkebladet Lemvig 15/12/2011: Photo gallery of Christmas auction

Dagbladet Holstebro Struer 20/10/2011: Auction exceeds all expectations

Folkebladet Lemvig 20/10/2011: Photo gallery from the auction in Lemvig

Vinderup Avis 12/10/2011: 500 catalogue numbers under the hammer 26/09/2011: Most expensive foal Indio Sødovergård (video)

Aarhus Tech 19/9/2011: Auction makes a lot of kroner - Alt om Aarhus 12/9/2011: Do you need auto tools? 25/5/2011: Denmark's first floating boat auction

Randers Amtsavis 25/5/2011: 28,000 for a metre Cadillac

Randers Amtsavis 24/5/2011: Photo Gallery: Cool motors under the hammer

Randers Amtsavis 24/5/2011: Boyhood dreams with octane at auction

Bå 17/5/2011: Denmark's first floating boat auction 16/5/2011: Port Event supports UNICEF 16/5/2011: Denmark's first floating boat auction

Randers Municipality 14/5/2011: First floating boat auction supports UNICEF City

Jern og Maskinindustrien 17/3/2011: Campen Auctions holds discontinuation auction for Temco A/S

TV2 East Jutland 8/12-2010: Feature from the special car auction

Randers Amtsavis 22/11-2010: Pictures from the special car auction 12/11-2010: Big auction of Special Cars 12/11-2010: Big auction of Special Cars in Randers 12/11-2010: Sepp Piontek Buys Luxury Cars 12/11-2010: Big auction of special cars in Randers 12/11-2010: Sepp Piontek sells cars for millions 12/11-2010: Big auction of special cars in Randers

Horsens Folkeblad 8/10/2010: Come to the mega-auction at the weekend

Veteran Posten 27/9-2010: Luxury cars for millions under the hammer

Regional news on TV2 26/9-2010: Estate of Axel Pitzner at auction

Evening show on DR 23/9-2010: Axel Pitzner's estate at auction 22/9-2010: The estate of the Kongevej's king ready for auction

BT 21/9-2010: Wild Danish rich man's estate under the hammer 20/9-2010: Wealthy Axel Pitzner's luxury possessions under the hammer

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