Past Auctions 2012


28/12 Construction & agriculture auction in Låsby  - Click here to see TV2 East Jutland feature from the auction (28.12.12)

13/12 Huge online auction in Randers

13/12 Online auction of paintings

07/12 Auctioneer for Nokia Denmark in Copenhagen

04/12 Evening auction in Kliplev

06/11 Evening auction in Randers

09/10 Collection auction in Kliplev

02/10 Online auction for Hairdresser Shake in Vejle

29/09 Construction & agricultural auction in Låsby  - Click and view pictures from the big auction

22/09 Foal auction North in Randers

09/09 Online auction of Galten Department store

08/09 Elite foal auction Vilhelmsborg

08/09 Trotting auction at Gigantium Aalborg

04/09 Evening auction in Randers

26/06 Collection auction in Randers

11/06 Internal auction for Nokia Denmark in Copenhagen

09/06 Open House auction at Jysk Caravan Centre

23/05 Collection auction in Lemvig

05/05 Open House auction at Bango A/S in Thorning near Kjellerup

01/05 Evening auction in Randers

27/03 Spring auction in Randers

10/03 Auctioneer for Danish Thoroughbred

21/02 Evening auction in Randers

19/02 Auctioneer for SL Messer "Lifestyle and Housing 2012" in Thy Hall

04/02 Camping Auction for bankruptcy estate of Aarhus Caravan Centre 

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