Past Auctions 2013


30/12 Machine and construction auction (Randers)

20/12 Online auction at Bango (Thorning)

 16/12 Online auction: Retro hair salon (Låsby)

 16/12 Online auction: Collection auction (Låsby)

15/12 2nd part of Siemens moving auction (Ballerup)

11/12 Aquariums, expensive equipment, fountains, etc. (Låsby)

09/12 Online auction December (Randers)

05/12 100's of Velfac windows & doors Part 2 (Årslev)

04/12 Online auction: Commercial kitchen & construction machinery (Randers)

02/12 Online auction at Hals Granite Centre (Hals)

28/11 Online auction: Collection auction November 3 (Randers)

27/11 Online auction at Byggekrejleren (Thyregod)

25/11 Online auction: Collection auction November 2 (Randers)

24/11 Clear-out at Siemens (Ballerup)

21/11 Christmas gift ideas & Christmas Decorations (Randers)

20/11 Online auction: Velfac windows and doors (Årslev)

17/11 Online auction: Cars, motorcycles and caravans (Ejstrupholm)

12/11 Online auction: Collection auction November 1 (Randers)

07/11 Online auction at Årre Plumbing, Smith & Machinery business (Årre)

30/10 Online auction/collection auction (Randers)

28/10 Online auction at Bango A/S (Thorning)

24/10 Online auction/collection auction (Randers)

22/10 Online auction: Clear-out auction October (Bøstrup)

21/10 Online auction: Campen collection auction (Bording)

17/10 Online auction: Furniture from discontinued furniture store (Randers)

15/10 Autumn auction (Physical auction in Randers)

13/10 Online auction: Clear-out auction at KC Break-up (Vejen)

22/09 Online auction: Clear-out auction September (Bøstrup)

21/09 Auctioneer at Foal auction North

18/09 Online auction: Collection auction September (Randers)

14/09 auctioned to the horse auction in Gigantium (Aalborg)

10/09 Online auction: Campen collection auction (Bording)

09/09 Online auction: Clear-out auction (Ejstrupholm)

07/09 Auctioneer for Danish Thoroughbred Elite foal auction

07/09 Late summer auction  (Randers)

01/09 Online auction: Clear-out auction (Bøstrup)

21/08 Online auction: Tax-exempt auction (Aalborg)

20/08 Online auction: Collection auction (Bøstrup)

19/08 Online auction: Collection auction West (Videbæk)

27/06 Clean-up and excess stock (Hadsten)

26/06 Online auction: Harley Davidson motorcycles

25/06 Huge summer auction (Randers)

21/06 2-day bankruptcy auction (Føvling)

18/06 Online auction: Tires and rims (Hadsten)

17/06 Online auction: Clean-up and excess stock (Hadsten)

13/06 Online auction: Motorcycles, boats, cars and caravans (Bording)

10/06 Online auction: Clean-up and excess stock (Hadsten)

09/06 Online auction North: Tax-exempt auction (Aalborg)

08/06 Collection auction (Samsø)

06/06 Online auction West: Collection auction (Videbæk)

03/06 Online auction: Leather bags, purses and jewellery boxes (Randers)

02/06 Online auction: Men's watches (Randers)

29/05 Internal auction for DISA Denmark (Copenhagen)

27/05 Online auction: Accessories (Randers)

26/05 Online auction West: Jewellery (Videbæk)

23/05 Online auction: Accessories (Randers)

20/05 Online auction: Clean-up & surplus stock (Hadsten)

14/05 Construction and collectibles auction (Randers)

12/05 Online auction North: Tax-exempt auction (Aalborg)

02/05 Online auction West: Accessories (Videbæk)

01/05 Online auction April/May (Randers)

24/04 Huge Online auction of discontinued timber company (Silkeborg)

17/04 Online auction West: Collection auction (Videbæk)

14/04 Online auction North: Collection auction (Aalborg)

10/04 Spring auction (Randers)

05/04 Online auction: Easter auction (Randers)

26/3 Online auction of unused solar heat tanks, windmills, freezers and refrigerators (Randers)

23/03 Storage hunter auction (Aarhus)

16/03 Construction and agricultural auction (Vejen)

15/03 Online auction North: Collection auction (Aalborg)

13/03 Auctioneer at DISA, internal auction (Copenhagen)

09/03 Stallion auction at Danish Thoroughbred (Herning)

06/03 Online auction of unused tools, toys, handicrafts, etc. (Randers)

06/03 Online auction of 300 m2 grass reinforcement tiles (Randers)

05/03 Online auction of unused freezers and refrigerators (Randers)

28/02 Good & Mixed online auction of professional kitchen, auto equipment, merchandise, tools, etc. (Randers)

14/02 Online auction: Boats (Them)

12/02 Huge collection auction. Special theme: caravans, boats, motorcycles and leisure (Randers)

07/02 Online auction of surplus stock from toy wholesaler, perfume wholesaler and handicrafts wholesaler (Randers)

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